Gas Treatment Plants

Hydrocarbon gas needs to meet some specifications in terms of composition and physical properties when it is transported through pipelines. NRG-MED is specialized in design, engineering, installation and operation of gas treatment plants with a “turn key” philosophy. The scope is to guarantee our Clients the possibility to start selling gas from new fields in relative short time. Previous installations included equipment for reaching gas specifications in terms of delivery pressure, hydrocarbon dew point, water dew point, CO2 content, and H2S content. Condensate produced during treatment process was also managed for proper delivery to downstream facilities.


Early Production Facilities allow the production of hydrocarbons from oil&gas wells using temporary equipment, even simultaneously with drilling, work over or other activities in the same wellsite.

Early Production Facilities (EPF) are common:

  • in remote areas, far from existing installations/plants;
  • to anticipate hydrocarbon production and investment payback;

NRG MED can install EPF onshore and offshore, stand alone or integrated with a drilling/workover rig.