Multiphase pumps can handle multiphase streams of oil, gas and water, as same as they are extracted from wells. The machinery is not subjected to failure due the presence of a multiphase stream, as it could be for conventional pumps or compressors. Multiphase pumps can handle high gas volumes as well as the slugging and different flow regimes associated with multiphase production.


The multiphase pumps use the twin screw technology. These pumps are the ideal solution to conveying tasks in these plants, in which low and highly viscous products must be conveyed. All media, whether neutral, alkaline or acid, aggressive, abrasive or gas-bearing, can be pumped.
The core of the Multiphase Boosting Systems is formed by the Twin-Screw Pumps. The two engineered rotor sets work with no metal-to-metal contact. They deliver a close to constant capacity against the downstream backpressure.
The necessary liquid is stored in the enlarged housing and partly recirculated to the inlet, assuring an equal distribution of the heat and heat transfer to the ambience. Sudden changes from high gas contents to pure liquid flow (normally called slugs) are handled.
The principle advantages of the multiphase boosting system are the increase of the well production and the low plant cost; because the system is able to pump the well flow, directly in the oil treatment plants without other equipments.

The systems are applicable for oil- and gas fields on- and offshore:

  • new field developments
  • depleting reservoirs
  • tail-end production
  • exchange of separators and associated equipment.
  • Sigle well installation
  • Flow line installation.

No restrictions are applicable for geographical or extreme ambient conditions.
The main component of multiphase system are:

  • Pump
  • Drive (Electric motor, Gas engine, Diesel Engine) according to customer request.
  • Suction filter.
  • Process control system
  • Hydraulic system for mechanical seal.
  • Lube oil system for bearing and gear wheels.

NRG-MED can provide the following service:

  • Plant project,
  • supply and installation of the Multiphase Pump System (filter, pipes, transformer room),
  • dedicated filed service, h24 plants control with experienced operators,
  • ordinary maintenance, mechanical and electrical support.
  • supervision and spare parts storage management.