Storage and loading

Storage tanks

Tanks suitable for the safe storage of liquid hydrocarbons produced by wells. The vessel, thanks to its high thickness, is designed to resist any internal explosions. Available in two different sizes, 46 m3 and 95 m3. Equipped with gas recovery line and inertization line.


Used for oil and water transfer or chemical injection during typical well testing operations: centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, metering pumps and multiphase pumps. Available in different sizes and pressure ratings.

Tanker Loading System

Tanker loading system is designed to safely operate during tanker loading operations. Main features are loading of tankers from the bottom, and recovery in a closed system of vapours from the tankers.

Every bottom loading arm has an API ‘Dry Break’ coupler, which connects to an API adaptor fitted to the road tanker. API couplers conform to API code RP1004 and avoid any hydrocarbon spillage during hose connections.

The compartment vapour vents on the tanker are connected to a manifold pipe and as the compartment is filled, the displaced vapour is directed down through the tanker vapour pipe and into the rack vapour arm. The vapours are then piped away through a KO-Drum, liquid seal with blower, flame arrestor and cold flare.

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