Well control systems

ESD System

The ESD control panel is designed to control hydraulically and/or pneumatically operated valves. Upon receiving the signal it is able to operate the hydraulic side of the SCSSSV – SSV and SDV valves and the pneumatic side of the SSV and SDV valves. Compressed air supply.

Surface Safety Valve

It is hydraulically or pneumatic actuated gate valve installed upstream of the choke manifold. The automatically valve shutdown could be through activation of pneumatic signals in the event of abnormal conditions or through the use of ESD remote shut-in stations.

Choke manifold

Dual path choke manifold enable the control of the well flow to downstream equipment and allows the operator to change choke beans without interfering on the test objectives. One fixed choke is installed on one side (different sizes calibrated choke bean that allow a more accurate flow control for predetermined flow rates) and one adjustable choke is installed on the other side (allow fixed choke to be changed during operations and enable easily flow control during clean up operations). NRG-MED stock includes choke manifold with various ratings and designs.

Data Header

Data Header is used for data collection of well stream fluids production parameter (pressure, temperature), for sampling, for chemical injection and for installation of high and low pressure pilots; it is normally installed upstream of the choke manifold. If requested a second data header can be placed downstream choke manifold, depending on customer requirements.


All our piping, elbow, tee and x-over are PED certified, they are recovered inside 10’ and 20’ standard containers and each pipe is equipped with its own reference plate. Rating from 1440 to 15000 psi.

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